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BB Rec- Your free Apple Screen Recorder!

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If you wish to have a screen recording tool rather than having to take million screenshots to do your task then BB Rec is your go to guru. In this post we will talk about the download procedure for BB Rec in fact there are multiple ways to download the BB Rec Screen Recorder on iPhone however many of these only work for a few days and then give up. Although these methods are easy and you don’t need to use a PC but the reality is that they cannot be relied upon.

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In this guide we will talk about most of the potential methods for downloading the BB Rec Download especially if you don’t wish to use a PC. We advise you to use the first method as it is tested to not stop working in the middle but we cannot give the guarantee for other methods.

Download and Install BB Rec without Jailbreak using Cydia Impactor

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If you already know something about the Cydia Impactor, then you would also know how it operates however just in case you are new to this we are bringing you a step wise tutorial to use the Cydia Impactor. For the download process and the installation of the BB Rec using Cydia Impactor, you must have a few things ready which are listed below.

  1. You require a PC either Windows or Mac in fact any computer would work.
  2. Then the app which will do the side loading of BB Rec screen recorder for iPhone is Cydia Impactor. So it is essential that you download the recent version of the Cydia Impactor using the link at their official site. Many of you may have this already installed but it is wise to check if you have its latest version.
  3. In addition to the lightning cable and your charged iPhone, you must see to it that your PC has the recent version of iTunes installed. It shouldn’t be launched open make sure it is installed successfully.

Installation Procedure for BB Rec

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We tested this tutorial on iPad Air 2 however it will also work on iOS 9, 10 or later versions of iOS.

  1. Of course the first task is to download the BB Rec IPA File using this link. This is that file which we have tested and can be installed through the Cydia impactor on any iDevice.
  2. Then launch the Cydia Impactor and get your iPhone connected with your PC through the lightning cable. See to it that your iDevice gets detected by the Cydia Impactor successfully. In case your iDevice is not being detected by the Cydia Impactor it is essential that you re-install your iTunes and then try again.
  3. Then you must pick, drag and drop the BB Rec IPA file in the window of the Cydia Impactor.
  4. Cydia Impactor will require your Apple ID here and no need to get concerned, this is completely safe. You can log in using any valid Apple ID and its password in to the Cydia Impactor and the installation of “BB Rec Screen Recorder” will begin without having to jailbreak.
  5. Once you log in with the Apple ID on the cydia impactor, BB Rec will install and the icon for the app will then get displayed on the Home Screen of your iDevice within a couple of seconds.
  6. Visit the Settings section of your iDevice and go to General and then to the section for Profile. Here you can see your Apple ID which you have used when you were installing BB Rec App. Click on this ID and then press the Trust button which will then let BB Rec screen recorder operate on your iDevice.

Note: Remember that the Cydia Impactor allows the installed app to work only for a week hence if you wish to use these apps any longer then you will have to re do the process of installation after every week.

Install BB Rec screen recorder on iPhone without PC

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Just in case if you don’t have access to a computer or the 1st method is not working for you for whatever reason, here is another way to get BB Rec screen recorder on iPhone without jailbreak. This method is not as reliable as the first one but still you can use it as an alternative.

The best thing about this process is that you don’t need to repeat the installation procedure every week and it will keep operating till Apple revokes the developer certificate of the App. However this makes this app untrustworthy as well so proceed at your own risk.

  1. The first thing you should do is click this link from your Safari browser in your iPhone.
  2. This link will direct you to the site for the tutu app. If Now you will see that you need to make a payment for it however don’t worry, simply click “Regular” given at the top right side of the site’s display.
  3. Click the download button given in green and let the app install.
  4. When the installation is done you will be looking at the icon for the tutu app on your Home Screen. Visit the Settings section and then go to General and to Profiles section.
  5. Trust the Developer Certificate for Tutu App at this stage. You must locate this certificate and then trust it.
  6. Then after the installation complete the installation of the tutu app. In the app begin searching for the BB Rec Screen Recorder and complete its installation.
  7. When the BB Rec has been installed on your iPhone successfully you need to visit the section for Settings once again and then go to General and then to Profiles where you must trust the developer certificate for the BB Rec app this time.
  8. Launch the BB Rec screen recorder and begin using it without having to jailbreak your iDevice.

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