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Apps like VShare- The Top Ten : No Jailbreak Required !

Guys if any of you Apple users seriously don’t know what vShare is then seriously you should just dump your iPhone and get a life somewhere else! vShare is an app store which is highly similar to Installous however vShare comprises of uncountable paid apps that you can install free of cost without having to jailbreak your iDevice but vShare frequently crashes. Hence we are bringing you the Top Ten Alternatives to vShare or Apps like vShare that you can use instead.

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Best Apps like vShare without having to jailbreak!

1. Hipstore

Hipstore is the app which was in fact once available in the Apple’s App store however was deleted from there as it encouraged piracy but this app can now be downloaded and installed as a separate entity even after it has been disapproved by Apple but still consists the biggest library of paid apps. Even though you will see that many apps will not work but still HipStore cannot be ignored because to use this App you don’t even have to pay anything!

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2. 25pp

Among other Apps like Vshare, 25pp also takes its origin from China however unlike the vShare app, 25pp is only available in Chinese meaning if you aren’t acquainted with Chinese language then you will have to play the guess game essentially. This platform can be accessed in form of a website and saved as an app on your Home Screen so that you can download all paid apps without paying anything on your iDevice.

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3. AppAddict

AppAddict is another renowned app in the list of Apps like vShare where the payment section for all the apps is totally non-existent. Even though this app was designed for jailbroken iDevices, it does need the AppSync to access some of the pirated apps. Some bypass techniques are available online that can provide you with a somewhat working AppAddict app store but we will not advise you to use AppAddict until you are completely out of other options.

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4. Aptoide

Aptoide takes its inspiration from the idea of accessing paid apps for free and then takes it to a whole exaggerated stage. If you do use Aptoide you will see that you can download almost any app for free besides you will not also be bothered by annoying advertisements as you would see in other Apps like vShare in this list.

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5. Apptracker

Apptracker is famously recognized as an “intelligent app lifestyle management” for the Apple devices including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It lets you in on the platform comprising of multiple hacked apps for jailbroken phones hence this app should be tried by all those who have jailbroken iDevices.  provide access to the large number of cracked apps for jailbroken devices.

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.ipa is basically a type of file for the iOS apps and the IPASTORE hence derives its name from such file extensions because that is what this store provides its users. Just as other Apps like vShare, iPASTORE also provides the biggest database for the IPA files that can easily be installed on iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch. The best thing about iPASTORE is that you only need to pay the fee once in a lifetime and you will be good to use it for forever and can access thousands of paid apps for free.

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7. Zeusmos

Zeusmos is an alternate option for VShare as well as XCode as it lets the users install and access all paid apps and will allow you to log in to any app without having to leave your phone. This all can be done within the iPhone or iPad screen. Zeusmos is also a onetime payment subscription app like iPASTORE and for those of you who love coding then Zeusmos is the app for you folks.

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8. IPA Site is simply another website that provides .ipa files and using this app you will be able to install all paid apps for free but to be honest there is nothing too charming bout this database. Of course you can access paid apps for free but the website looks like as if it hasn’t been updated in ages and shows all the old versions of apps and games.

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9. Mob IPA Site image result is essentially the largest library of paid apps and games that can be accessed for free from a single platform and is divided into categories for Java supported and Android phones which is amazingly brilliant and you must give this a try.

10. iTongPush

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iTongPush is just like those ancient app stores that work on kind of the same principle as vShare but much slower to be honest and we suspect the download page for iTongPush to go offline in near future. The downloading process would be slow and you can get paid apps for free but still it isn’t a good option among other Apps like vShare.

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