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Apps like iTube- The List You Need!

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If you have ended up on this post then you may already be aware about iTube however if you don’t know what iTube is then let us tell you that iTube is this amazing app which allows you to get YouTube videos downloaded so that you can watch them offline when you are not in connection with the internet. This tool is an amazing asset as it lets you watch all your favorite videos when you are on the road and don’t want to waste your mobile data package.

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Of course there are other apps like Spotify that can do the job for you or you can simply use your mobile internet package however the latter is a highly expensive option particularly when you don’t have your mobile data set to unlimited and not to mention it also eats up your iPhone’s battery as you aren’t only listening to music but using internet as well.

Today in this post we are bringing you a list of other amazing Apps like iTube using which you can decide the app you wish to download and use on your iPhone. However before we begin with this list of Apps like iTube, there is something you should know that this doesn’t comply with the policy of the Apple App Store to put any app in the store which defies the privacy of another app on the App Store.

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Actually the thing is that YouTube doesn’t wish that the users watch their posted videos offline because they want total authority of it. This is the reason that iTube was deleted from the Apple App Store and the reason we are telling you this is that many of the apps that are given below may be deleted from the Apple App Store so download them while they are available.

Apps Like iTube – Best iTube alternatives

So folks enough with the talking, let’s get on with the list of Apps like iTube which can help you make a decision on which one of these apps you wish to choose for your iPhone. Also, in the comment section below let us know which app is better than the other.

1.     YouTube’s Official App

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Although we just told you that it is not in the policy of YouTube to allow its users to watch offline videos as it is against their privacy policy still the official apps of YouTube allows you to save certain videos for offline use. The only drawback to this is that you cannot save all videos for offline purposes as many of the videos don’t have the “save for offline” feature.

Here you must be wondering the advantage of this tool which is that you can save the podcasts or other videos for educational reasons which can later on help you in learning purposes.


2.     NetTube

As we have told you that the official app for YouTube doesn’t give you the permission for saving music videos to view offline there is an alternative to it. NetTube will allow you to do so. NetTube is another app that is same as iTube and has the most useful feature of iTube which is to save the music videos that you like for offline viewing. We are amazed that this app is still available for downloading in the Apple App Store where as it is an app like iTube in reality. The best tool in NetTube is that it will allow you to listen to all kinds of music even when you are performing other tasks on your iPhone.

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But still, we would tell you download this app as soon as possible before Apple decides to take it down from the App Store.


3.     YouTube++

YouTube++ is a modded version of the official app of YouTube which comes with added useful features and tools. Actually this app is what YouTube in reality should have been because it will easily let you download any videos you want which you can later save to Camera Roll. You can also modify the speed of playback and also listen to the songs when the app isn’t in maximized window.

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This must have sounded great now if you are wondering where to access this app from then sadly this app is a tweak of Cydia and you need a jailbroken iDevice to enjoy its perks.

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