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Apple TV not responding to remote? Don’t Worry, Keep Reading!

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If you own an Apple TV that is connected with your normal TV, and one day you find out that your Apple TV not responding remote then folks you have ended up on the right post online. We are bringing you in this post all the potential reasons as to why your Apple TV not responding to remote and the solutions to it as well .

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Before we move on to listing the reasons for which your Apple TV not responding to remote, let us inform you that these may not be the only reasons and there are other potential causes for this malfunction and so are the solutions to it. However we will attempt at covering the frequently occurring causes than the uncommon ones because it would cater to a large number of people facing this issue.

Why Apple TV not responding to remote?

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When you purchase your Apple TV, in its package you will find a remote controller as well. You may think that its battery has died out or the wires are disconnected inside the controller and you will have to invest in a new remote or battery. However folks let us tell you that this almost impossible as the remote for the Apple TV is a well constructed device and it doesn’t die out that easily or that soon. Even though it is a quality manufactured device, it may have some issues with its design functions inside. In its new form, the Apple TV will perform perfectly fine but when the remote of your Apple TV falls down a few times, the cap of the battery becomes loose.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote not working?

Mostly you can easily fix this problem using a simple technique which is by placing the remote of your Apple TV in an upside down position meaning the buttons will face down however there is indeed another way you can cater to this problem while the remote is in use.

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For this you need to open up the battery side of the remote of the Apple TV and place a tiny piece of paper in between the battery cap and the place where battery is placed. When you will do this, it will allow the battery to come in close connection with its circuit board constructed in the remote. The remote will then keep operating in its right position.

What if this doesn’t work?

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If the above listed solutions don’t work out for you then sadly you need to switch the battery of the remote of your Apple TV and this will eliminate the possibility of a faulty or a dead battery. However even after the battery replacement if your Apple TV remote is not working then it is likely that the remote is faulty from inside. You need to remember that you may have to do the pairing of your Apple TV with the Apple TV remote once again after changing to a new battery.

Make sure your Apple TV is working!

Another thing you need to make sure is that your Apple TV is performing perfectly and is not at fault. If your Apple TV not responding to remote then friends you have to purchase a new one. To do this, access the camera section on your smart phone, and start pointing the Apple TV remote on to the camera and simultaneously click any button on the remote.

If you see some light pulses originating out of your remote within the viewfinder of your camera then folks your Apple TV remote is perfectly fine and means that your Apple TV box is at fault here. However even this is highly impossible. But if you cannot see any sort of light coming out of your Apple TV remote then your remote is definitely faulty. The only fix to this is that you will have to spend some money in buying a new Apple TV remote which you then need to pair again with your Apple TV.

How to pair Apple TV remote with Apple TV?

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In case you have shifted to a new battery on your Apple TV remote or have purchased a new Apple TV remote altogether then it is important that you pair this remote with new battery or the new remote with your Apple TV once again. To do this you will have to keep holding the button for Menu + the Right arrow button. Put this in holding position for a good 6 seconds and the remote will then pair up with your Apple TV.

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