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Appishare Download Guide for iOS Free !

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Appishare is basically a third party app available online at the App Store and is offered for those who wish to enjoy the perks of paid apps on their iDevices without actually having to pay anything. It isn’t a secret that there is an amazing collection of apps however they need to be paid for and logically speaking it is justified. The developers and manufacturers of these apps demand money for their hard work and resources spend on bringing you the best of services.

However there are individuals who cannot afford to spend money on an app but still wish to enjoy its perks or if people think they will not be using the app for a long time then nobody wishes to waste money on it. Appishare gives you one of the best collections of app free of cost for the iOS devices. Of course there will be some restrictions however if you wish to test run the app before buying it then you can use the method described below.

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Disclaimer: Before you people get all excited about the perks of Appishare that you can avail there is something we want to make extremely clear which is that downloading apps or games free of cost is an act of hacking and piracy which can land you in serious trouble. Under such circumstances IntechBB will not be held reliable for any loss that may result from this hence we encourage you to save money and buy these apps instead to avoid piracy.

Step by Step Guide for Appishare download on iOS

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  1. Your first task is to navigate to the section for Settings on your iPhone.
  1. In the Settings section you must find the option for Safari; you may need to scroll a little to locate the Safari option.
  2. Then click on Safari and go all the way till the end where you must select the option for Advanced.
  3. Choose the option for Website Data and then choose the Remove All Website Data option on to the next screen.
  4. Your iDevice will now reboot and when your iPhone has switched ON fully you must access this link.
  5. Once you are directed to this link you will be taken to a web page where you will find all the paid or free or hacked apps on one platform.
  6. Simply begin searching for the app you wish to get on your iPhone and the Appishare will then display a pop up window requiring you to complete the installation for the app.
  7. Then click “Install” on the pop up window and visit back the Home Screen.
  8. You will then see that the app is being installed and give it some time to install.
  9. When it has installed visit the section for Settings once again and go to General and then to Profiles & Device Management where you must trust the profile developer of the app that you have downloaded for free.  If you don’t use this then you will see the error of “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” and the app will not work.Use Appishare to download
  10. Once you have correctly followed all the steps you will be able to enjoy the paid app free of cost on your iDevice.

How to install Appishare app?

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If you are wishing to use the Appishare in form of an app on your iDevice then folks you can do it. Let us give you a quick guide on how to add Appishare on your Home Screen and then use it as any other normal app that you have downloaded from the Apple App Store.

  1. In the first step simply click this page from your Safari Browser on your iPhone.
  2. When you have clicked the link then hit the Box that has the icon for arrow on your iDevice present at the bottom bar. .
  3. Once you click this button a menu of share will pop open.
  4. In this section you must choose the button for “Add to Home screen”Appishare download on iPhone to get paid apps free
  5. Assign it any name that you can easily recall and you will have this app successfully added to your Home Screen as any normal app.

Note: Appishare has been taken over by the vShare and this method may not work anymore so if it doesn’t you can use other apps likes Appsync to access paid for apps free of cost for your iPad or iPhone.

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