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Get Appcake From Cydia Instantly! All possible ways !

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The fall down of the Installous community and Hackulous came out as a big shock to the jailbreaking world as millions of Apple users enjoyed the services of Installous Community particularly those who couldn’t afford premium versions of apps and games. However the good thing is that the Cydia iOS community has generated multiple alternatives to both of the services and Appcake tops the list of these alternatives.

App Cake although on its own can never fully compete with all the services and perks that Installous had to offer however with its added features that are introduced every now and then, Cydia is committed on making Appcake better. This store is offering the Apple community with a high useful collection of apps that can be downloaded directly. Hence any device running the latest iOS version is significantly supported.

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This App also has a version that is non jailbreak but this version has to be subscribed or paid for. For the huge Cydia app downloads that are jailbroken you can do the same action by taking assistance from a torrent client. Furthermore you can also make use of this application to install custom torrents as well in case you need one!

If you are in search of sources which you can use to download cracked apps free of cost then you must move on with App Cake repo. Compiled below is an in detail guide that you can follow to install all the needed repositories and App Cake repo on your iDevice that supports this. Hence keep reading and enjoy!


In order to successfully download and install Cydia tweaks and App Cake repo on an iDevice that is not jail broken, you must first download App Sync from a trustworthy source. Once this has been installed successfully you can download Appcake repo using Cydia. All the necessary steps are compiled below for your ease:

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  1. First of all see that your iDevice is in connection with a reliable internet connection and using your browser, access this web link
  2. Once using this web link, the designated web page has been displayed click on the link that says ‘Cydia’ or ‘Cydia for iOS 8’ (according to the iOS software version you are using on your iPhone or iPad).
  3. On the proceeding page, click on the button ‘Get it’. A  pop up window will get displayed with all the necessary instructions, you must carefully read and follow them to finish the installation process for Cydia.
  4. Now open up the app for Cydia and click on Manage>Sources> Edit. You will now be looking at a pop up. Type in this OR and hit the ‘Add’ button.
  5. When these sources are done syncing, you must start searching for ‘App Sync Unified’ and install it.
  6. Once again open up Cydia and click Manage>Sources>Edit. The window that pops up, search and hit ‘Add’ . Related image
  7. When this syncing process has finished, search for App Cake and install it.
  8. Now that any pop up opens up, click ‘Add Anyway’ to finish the installation.Related image to appcake

You can also reboot your iDevice here to make sure that all things are running well and fine without any restrictions. If you see any sort of error, revert all the changes and follow the guide again.


If you wish to move on with a Jailbroken device, you must have Cydia and App Sync downloaded on the same device. Make sure these are installed before you begin following the steps mentioned below. Open up Cydia.

  1. Open up the ‘Manage’ page then click on the button for ‘Sources’.
  2. Then the next page that pops up, click the button that reads ‘Edit’ and pop up window will show up
  3. On to the search field, type this and then finish the process by clicking ‘Add Source’ button. Image result for person using App Cake Cydia
  4. The sources of Cydia will begin running in the background. Refresh Cydia.
  5. Now type in the App Cake+ or simply App 3Cake in the search bar available in Cydia.AppCake guide
  6. Get any of the two apps installed and once this has finished installing, you can access it simply by clicking on the icon for it available on the home screen from Cydia.

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