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Appcake For Android Will Let You Enjoy In App Purchases For Free!

Many people are well aware on Appcake for iDevices without having the need to jailbreak but Appcake for Android devices is not as much famous among the users and hence this article intends to talk in detail not only about the perks of Appcake for Android but also how to effectively use it.

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It is not a hidden fact that Android is an open source platform and many cracked games and apps are available on multiple online websites which is also pretty much the reason as to why Appcake gained popularity because it is the cracked version of the original App Store. This is similar to other normal App Store but comes with an added perk; in any other App Store, there are certain apps and games that you have to pay for and sometimes you end up closing the App Store with a sad face simply because you don’t have enough money to buy a game but with Appcake you can enjoy all apps plus games free of cost. This essentially means Appcake lets you hack into In-App Purchases without root.

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For this very reason, Appcake is recognized as the biggest Android hacking community available online. It gives all users the chance to play subscription based games and apps. Appcake provides a collection of all hacked apps and games under one platform and this is highly beneficial for those who are reluctant in searching for particular APK’s on Google and hence it saves you tons of time that you would have otherwise spent searching.

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The Top Features of Appcake for Android !

As we have already discussed that the mega benefit of using Appcake for Android is that you can play all cracked and hacked games that are otherwise paid for on the Android App Store. However there are other interesting features of Appcake which are listed below for you to read:

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  • The largest collection of cracked and hacked Apps
  • Cracked versions of paid for games
  • The latest Updates and Releases
  • A platform where you can stay in touch with the Appcake community
  • Neat and Tidy UI
  • It is extremely user friendly

How to Install and Use Appcake for Android ?

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Up till now you must have figured out that Appcake is nothing less than an amalgamated platform of cracked apps and games. The installation procedure of Appcake is same as the procedure for any ordinary APK which doesn’t require any kind of activation or long hassles. All you need to do is download the APK file and complete its installation just like any other app.

If you haven’t done APK Installation ever before or have no idea as to where to start then it is essential that you carefully follow the guideline compiled for you beneath:

  1. See that your Android device is connected to an internet connection which can be relied upon to support the following process.
  2. The first step is to download the APK file for Appcake using appcake android apk download link which is given in blue. Simply click this link.
  3. Then visit your Settings and go to the Security Section where you must place the check mark in the box for ‘Unknown Sources’.
  4. Launch your file manager app and find the APK file.
  5. Click on this APK file and choose the button which says Install
  6. Now you can enjoy using the perks of Appcake for Android.

If you have carefully read all the steps and done as stated in them then you will easily be able to use Appcake for Android without any restrictions. The next step is to simply browse and install your favorite paid for apps and games from Appcake. You can also use Appcake alternatives which are aptoide and blackmart if you don’t wish to use Appcake.

  • Video Tutorial :

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