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App VPN- The Free VPN Service you direly need!

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Not a long time ago, online security wasn’t considered something important however many things have indeed changed since then. Folks there are multiple ways to stay secure online while surfing the web and one of the most convenient ways is through the use of VPN. In this post let’s see what a VPN is in general and the most recent version of the App VPN APK Download that has been released. This is the app which keeps your online privacy intact and allows you to stay anonymous online that too free of cost.

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Before we start with the review and download process of the App VPN APK it is important we talk about what VPN in reality is and how it secures your online privacy.

What is a VPN?

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VPN or the Virtual Private Networks has many types and most of them fall under a single general category which is by getting their client in connection to a secure network connection from a VPN server.  Previously, such connections were implemented only in business settings however these days almost everyone is worried about their online security and privacy due to the increase in malware. Hence apps such as the App VPN APK encrypts all your internet traffic before directing it to its destination free of any charges.

What VPN does is it makes a tunnel protocol which forms a tunnel to carry data packets through. The quality of the VPN depends on its standard of security in the way it takes care of the intrusions. Whenever the VPN detects something fishy in the connection, it would disconnect and reconnect using a different route by passing the point that is risky or compromised.

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You may be wondering if the traffic of the VPN is just like any other web traffic just with stringent security measures then why not make use of it all the time we are connected with the internet/. Yes it is an established fact that VPN’s are a highly useful tool however they also have many setbacks the most prominent one being the slow internet browsing which is very frustrating. As this data goes through the process of encryption, decryption and then transmission through a non-direct route, you will experience some hiccups in your browsing.

App VPN APK Download & Review

Now that you know what VPN is and how it operates, let’s move on to the details of this amazing app of Android called the App VPN. If you are in search of a VPN service that is free of cost to use on your Android phone then folks you have literally ended up on the right page for the best app that can serve this purpose.  The App VPN provides you access to the web on an unlimited level through the use of their safe servers but friends the story doesn’t end here.

The app also doesn’t save any logs of your online activity meaning you can browse anything you want to and the App VPN will disclose none of it and it isn’t because the app doesn’t wish to invade privacy in reality it cannot.  The App VPN APK has almost 5 locations which you can select from.

If we come on the available tools of the App VPN APK app then we will be honest it isn’t the best one at that. The app is a basic and straightforward one and you can only toggle with the virtual locations that are present on the list and then connect accordingly. The moment this connection will get established, your Android device will get secure and your IP address will be masked with one of from the VPN server.

How to Download App VPN APK?

App VPN can be accessed from the Google Play Store however if you cannot install it directly from there for any reason then you can access the recent most version of this app from the link given below.


How to Install and use the App VPN?

The process of installation is a simple procedure and requires nothing extraordinary however if you are going through the installation of any APK file for the first time then you may need the some assistance. The method of installation for this App VPN has been described below for your ease:

  1. The first thing that must be done is the completion of the downloading process of the App VPN APK file using the above mentioned link. If you have this file on your PC then make sure you transfer it on to your Android device.
  2. Then give the installation process some time. As per the settings the Android device will forbid the installation of any APK file however you can turn this option ON by visiting the Settings section of your phone and then go to Security. Simply enable the “Unknown Sources” option from to use AppVPN apk download
  3. Then launch the app for your file manager and access the App VPN APK file downloaded there. You will now be looking at the screen for installation.
  4. Then hit the button for Install and the process of Installation will start. Give this some time to complete.
  5. When the installation has been done, click the button for Open to launch the App VPN app open.
  6. Then choose the VPN country you wish to from the displayed list and then turn the option of service ON.
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