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How to Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak Download Guide [2018] !

Amazon Fire TV Stick has definitely ranked as the best selling Android device ever since its release and there are hefty reasons to support its ranking. Firstly it is highly affordable and can easily be jailbroken as well. In this blog today we will talk about a few ways for Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak, without using a PC and on Android as well.

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Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak using ES File Explorer, without using Computer

One of the most renowned processes for Installing Kodi and Jailbreaking Amazon Fire Stick is by using the ES File Explorer however this can be tricky as well. We have described the method below but if you think that this is too time-consuming then jump ahead to the next method.

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  1. Switch ON your Amazon Fire TV Stick and see that it is in connection with internet access nearby. Access the section for Settings on your device then.
  2. From here you must go to the System and choose it.
  3. Scroll below and choose the option for Developers.
  4. You must switch on the ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources settings
  5. When you are finished, access back the Home Screen from your Fire Stick and choose the Search option from here.
  6. Here you must begin searching for “ES File Explorer” and you will be able to locate it in the results.
  7. Choose the result and complete its installation by tapping Install.image result for es file explorer
  8. When the ES File Explorer has finished installing, you will see the button which says “Open” and you will see that the ES File Explorer has been launched on your Fire TV Stick.
  9. Then choose Favorites in the left menu and press the “+ Add” button. A pop up will appear where you should give the URL for the Kodi’s download page. While in the field for name, assign any name to it.Kodi path on fire tv
  10. Tap the Add button and the URL will get added in to the section for “Favorites”. Now proceed ahead to choose this option in the favorite list and you will be taken to the download page instantly.
  11. Choose the recent version of Kodi here and the process of downloading will begin.
  12. If this doesn’t start then visit the bottom right of the page where the option says “More”. You must highlight this option and click OF. Now choose the option for “Open in Browser” in here.image result for installing kodi
  13. Now press “Install” and the process for installation will begin.

Congrats, you have now been successful in downloading the APK file of Kodi on your Fire TV Stick, and you can now easily install it just like you would any other random app. When this finishes installing you will be given your Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak.

  • Video tutorial:

Easiest Method of installing Kodi on Fire TV using an Android Phone :

If you own an Android device then you can even use it for installing Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick to jailbreak conveniently. And this time around we is bringing you the easy way to do this.

  1. Get your Android Phone in connection to the Wi-Fi network as the Amazon Firestick. You must see that both of these devices are in connection with a single network or else this option will not work out.
  2. Now open Google play-store on Your Android device and install Apps2Fire. If you can’t find this app in play store then click here.
  3. Now you need to install Kodi on your Android device click this link to navigate Kodi in google play store. One important thing to keep in mind that your fire tv stick will get the same version of Kodi as your phone has.
  4. Go to the setting of you Fire TV stick.
  5. From here you must go to the System and choose it.
  6. Scroll below and choose the option for Developers.
  7. You must switch on the ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources here.Amazon fire tv setting
  8. Now move ahead to access the section for Settings and then go to System and finally to the About section. Here you must copy the IP Address assigned to your Amazon Fire TV tv settings
  9. Then you must access the Open Apps2Fire on your Android phone and type in the Fire TV’s IP address in the section of Apps2Fire Settings.apps2fire
  10. You must swipe right here till you see the option for “Local Apps” and you must click on the icon for Kodi here after which the App2Fire will instantly finish installing Kodi on to your Amazon Fire TV stick and will get displayed in the section of Settings > Applications.
  • Video Tutorial :

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