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Learn the 8 Ball Pool Iphone Hack 2018 !!!

If you talk about addictive games to a level that you have to resist touching your Phone because if you don’t, you will end up for hours on your device, unable to do any other work, then the game 8 Ball Pool would top the list of such addictive games. In its starting days, 8 Ball Pool was launched only on Facebook and after some time it was launched on iOS and Android as well by Mini Clip.

8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack

When this happened, 8 Ball Pool could be played with your Facebook friends and other random people from all across the world. This article is compiled in order to train you on some 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack, Tips and tricks that you can use to speed up the progress on your 8 Ball Pool Game.

What is the 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack ?

Today is that lucky day where we will tell you about a hidden tip for 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack through Cydia. You know what is the best thing about using this hack? You wouldn’t have to face any bans when you use this hack!

Gaming world and its users keep on complaining that their account gets banned or their access gets forbidden when they use hacks and all their progress goes down in the drain. However you can use the 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack without worrying about getting banned. So you can enjoy using this hack with a free mind.

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What items are Required to use the 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack ?

Image result for person playing 8 Ball Pool on iPhone

If you want to apply the 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack on your Apple device, of course you need an iDevice with the latest iOS version installed on it. Although the title declares that this 8 Ball Pool Hack is only for iPhone but this can easily be applied on any other compatible iOS device as well. Meaning even if it is an iPod, iPhone or iPad, this 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack will never fail you.

However you should know that if your iPhone is not Jailbroken then this trick wouldn’t work for you because in this tutorial we are going to use the Cydia Tweak to make use of the 8 Ball Pool iPhone Hack.

This trick is only to guide you with the unlimited Guidelines to play the game and for free access to unlimited coins or unlimited cash hack.

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Unlimited Guidelines Feature

You can easily enable the Unlimited Guidelines Feature from the Settings once this hack has been applied and once you enable this you will be able to earn lines during this game play which will allow you to see where the balls will end up after your turn. You can refer to the image below for better understanding.


8 ball hack


Another very important feature is that as we know that this is an online game play, and is very famous among people, If mini-clip finds any of the hint of a hack, they will ban your game account.

Instructions for 8 ball pool hack for iPhone

  1. In the start Install 8 ball pool from the app store.
  2. Visit Cydia in your device with the link mentioned “”
  3. Now refresh your sources so that the list would be updated
  4. Look for “8 Ball pool cheats” and install it.
  5. Respring your iPhone and now Navigate to settings and enable 8 ball pool cheats
  6. Now you are ready to launch the game and Enjoy… 😉

As a conclusion, I can say that Emulators are a great way of playing your liked 2DS games. If you think that this tutorial helpful then do let us know…. Till then Enjoy.. 🙂

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