iOS 5.1 Pre-GM Build Leaked Out In The Wild Brings Camera Button and Japanese Siri

An iOS 5.1 Pre-GM build has been leaked in the wild, according to a tech blog BlogdoiPhone. The blog claims to have a leaked version of iOS 5.1 which brings a new slide-to-camera shortcut on the lock-screen.

For those who don’t know, GM builds are usually the final developer version, which then eventually comes as a public release. If the blog claims seems to be true then that what Apple has got for you in iOS 5.1.

iOS 5.1

Apple hasn’t announced anything yet regarding it’s next mobile software release, however, the blog still claims to have the GM build which predicts the Apple next move.

The Cupertino based technology giant is actively working on enhancing the operating system, therefore, they have placed a permanent camera roll button next to the slide to unlock function. Currently, if you would like to browse the camera app then the only available option is to double tap the home button to get the camera access. The company seems to be working on other issues such as iPhone 4S battery draining which is still an unresolved issue, and if all the aforementioned rumors are true than the company will also be working to patch the latest security exploit which let the iOS users to jailbreak their devices untetheredly.

iOS 5.1 GM

Another big issue that iPhone 4S users have been suffering from is the lack of Siri languages. iPhone 4S was first introduced in October 2011 and since then the company was not able to accomplish the needs of different Siri languages. However, the blog reports that Apple will be bringing Japanese support to it’s most advanced personal assistant a.k.a Siri.

Apple is expected to release iOS 5.1 on March 9th, 2012 as a typical OTA and IPSW update. You can follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook for further updates regarding iOS 5.1.