aText Lets You Replace Abbreviations With Frequently Used Phrases

Ever thought that how cool would it be if we could just type “tkvm” and instead the computer shows “thank you very much” or whenever you need to insert your full name (i.e. First name, Middle name and Last name) you just type “myname” and computer shows your full name incuding First, Middle and Last name?

Some times work gets lengthy and boring because of typing the unnecessary and repetitive things again and again. But with aText one can remove all such barriers and harassment.

Overview of aText

aText lets you insert current date and time in any format, embed clipboard content within snippet, embed snippet within another, send keys, insert editable fields, set return-to markers for your cursor. It has a nice and easy to understand user interface which allows you to navigate quickly and easily.

aText allows you to create single phrase or a group of phrases using the new or new group option. It also allows you to create a duplicate abbreviations and let them sort according to content, date created, date modified, last time used or abbreviations.

Create instant typing accelerators using the built-in groups, and backup or restore your existing abbreviations easily. Another good thing about aText is the ability to let you filter your most used abbreviations. Simply search for the most used abbreviation in the filter search and it will simply filter your needs.

aText Mac

What’s New in 1.4

  • New: Suggest snippet abbreviations with hotkey. (Unavailable in MAS version)
  • Change setting “Expand at delimiter (discard delimiter)” to “Expand at Tab or Enter key”.
  • Bug fixes.

Pricing & Availability

aText typing accelerator is available for Mac OS X 10.5 or later. You can simply purchase the application for $4.99 using Mac App Store. Alternatively, you can download a free trial from the official website.


To avoid all the tiresome work again and again, aText Mac app is quite helpful, but at the price of $5 one should think whether he/she truly needs it or not.