Twitter for iOS & Android Gets Major Update! New UI, Improved Stability and More!

Twitter has updated it’s iOS and Android app along with a major re-design in web version. The major overhaul is pretty much appreciated by the users and everyone is trying to update the app as soon as possible.

Twitter for iOS has gone further to version 4.0, whilst Twitter for Android has been updated to version 3.0. If you’re either using an iOS device or an Android device you can simply go to Apple’s App Store or Android Market to get the latest bits right away. The major overhaul includes a total new design with improved speed, and better stability.

Twitter 4.0

Most users have confirmed that they have actually liked the new interface with new features such as interactions, discovery, and more. Switch accounts feature has been taken off from the navigation bar and has been placed in “Me” tab. What’s special about the new update is the new design which makes the app looks wonderful. We have already tested the app and feels like the application is more stable and fast, the application is not crashing unlike older version.

In the new app you will now see four new tabs i.e Home, @Connect, Discover, and Me. You might be familiar with most of these tabs. Home is your root page where you will see all your tweets. When you will tap on one of those tweets you will see a complete user interface of replies and more. @Connect tab has been totally revamped and now have two sub-tabs of ‘interaction’ and ‘mentions’ previously the tab was only meant for mentions and was named as @mentions. Discover is a new way of how you search Twitter on mobile devices and trends with the ability to add hashtags to gather a particular topic. Me is a typical page where you can see a link to your profile page, check your direct messages, drafts, lists, saved searches, switch accounts, settings, and get help.

Twitter for iOS 4.0

Since the new Twitter app has just been rolled out we’re still testing to find bugs and hidden new features. Leave the applications for us to play and in the meantime hit the download buttons below to either download or  update your native Twitter client. Stay tuned for new discoveries and bugs.

Download Twitter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]
Download Twitter for Android [Market Link]