How to Install Fully Ported Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

Siri is one of those features everybody loves to have on their iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Fortunately, we have found a successful port which will give you the complete GUI and the connection with Apple servers. If you would like to port, fully working Siri on your iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA) and iPod Touch 4G follow our instructions below. Please note that the Siri port is currently available on iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA) and iPod Touch 4G so anyone who is using iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 or iPad 1, or iPod Touch 3G will not be able to get their hands on this port.

To fully port Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G, you will of course need a jailbroken iPhone. To jailbreak your device (tethered) on iOS 5 you can follow a complete guide here.

Below are the instructions on how to fully port Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G.

How to Get fully ported Siri on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4G:

Step 1: After jailbreaking your device successfully, tap and launch Cydia.

Cydia h1siri

Step 2: Navigate to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add and add the following repository:

Once the repository has been added click “Return to Cydia”. h1siri

Step 3: Now either tap on the repository “” or click on search and look for “H1Siri“, once found just tap and confirm the installation.


Step 4: After the successful installation you will need to reboot your device.

Step 5: Once your device has been rebooted, go to Settings – > General -> Siri and switch on the toggle.
Siri Settings

Step 6: Now exit the and press and hold the home button and you should see a popup of the actual Siri voice assistant. Just tap and speak whatever you like.

Siri for iPhone

Note: You may not be able to connect to Apple Server and it will give you an error saying “Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network”. You can fix this error by restarting your device couple of times (it worked in two reboots for us).

Siri iPhone Network Error

This is how fully working Siri looks like on iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA) or iPod Touch 4G (refer to the screenshot below). We have tried this port on both iPhone 4 (GSM) & iPod Touch 4G and can confirm that the port actually works very smooth. You will definitely feel like you’re using an iPhone 4S but no an iPhone 4. Try it and let us know what do you think about successful Siri port on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G?

Siri working

[Update X1] Our reader Raisand Vallipuram has just tipped us, once you will port Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G, your camera recording will stop working. This port will also make most of the camera-apps stop functioning. We can confirm that it’s true. So if you don’t want to lose your camera-app for Siri, please avoid this port. We are also looking for a fix so everyone can enjoy this newly release port. Stay tuned!

[Update X2] Some of our reader are complaining about the repository that it is not working. If you can’t even find H1Siri using, try an alternate repository which is

[Update X3] After linking a lot of third-party repositories and a lot of complains from our readers, we have decided to add the actual H1Siri.deb file, which you can download from here (password: Please note that H1Siri.deb is about 110MB in size. To install this .deb file you would need to SSH this file and install it via iFile. If some one doesn’t know how to SSH the .deb file please follow our guide below.

You can SSH in to your device using WinSCP for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac:


  • Hostname: The IP address of your iDevice. Setting –> WiFi –> <Your Network Name>
  • User name: root
  • Password: alpine
  • Protocol: SCP


  • Server: The IP address of your iDevice. Settings –> WiFi –> <Your Network Name>
  • Username: root
  • Password: alpine
  • Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

Once your logged in. Navigate to /var/mobile and drag/copy the H1Siri.deb file. Now open iFile from your mobile device and navigate to the same directory which is /var/mobile. Now find the H1Siri.deb file and tap to install. Once again tap installer to install the .deb file.

[Update X4] Since our readers was complaining about camera issue which we have addressed in Update X1, we have found a fix. To fix your camera-recording issues after installing H1Siri, please download this file and save it on your Desktop. Next step is to SSH your device, if you are using Windows you can use WinSCP and if you’re using Mac OS X you can use Cyberduck, however, we have used iPhone Explorer for the demonstration.

Once you’re logged in navigate to Root/System/Library/Caches/, you should now see a file named “dyld_shared_cache_armv7“. Either remove it or replace it with the file you have just downloaded and saved on your Desktop. Now do a reboot and try shooting HD video recording.

H1 Siri Camera Fix

We have tried and can confirm that the camera fix works as smooth as the Siri on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. If you still have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

[Update X5] We would like to address that H1Siri port on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G is considered to be an illegal way of getting Siri on your device. By using H1Siri on your device you’re sending all your personal information including e-mails, messages, contacts, calendars, address book and more to a proxy server which is privately owned by CD-Team. They can easily change and amend the original commands and can do miss-use with any of your personal information, so your security is at high risk. If you still want to use H1Siri on your device then please use it at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any damage, bricking, or privacy issues.

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Thanks for the nice tut, but unfortunately this great piece of software comes with a bug :( As soon as you install this, you can’t record anything anymore with your camera.. Most camera-based apps will stop functioning as well.. I hope someone will find a fix for that soon, because then this port would be the best one out there ..

  • Heartsineurope

    Can’t add repo

  • Venom_rulz

    hi!Mentioned Repository not Working y?

  • Venom_rulz

    Alternate Repo n Old Repo both unable to fetch the required package kindly look into it wat iz the actual prob

  • Dev

    There is a camera fix circulating the forums right now its a file and you just need to ssh and change a few lines – done this port and it was working but their server cannot handle all the traffic, hopefully they will raise money to run this more often or allow others to create their own server.

  • David

    everytime i ask siri to message it crashes

    but it works if i ask siri to call a contact

  • Kesutzm

    My native YouTube app stopped working.

  • Hamude2009

    Your theme so nice :D i like it >>

    give me the name

  • Ahmed waheed

    Face time , iMessage and you tube dont work

  • BeSSo

    Thx for ur amazing success , but for me every thing working just fine except the connection issue .
    Just need to confirm that u have no problems in connecting it right now

  • Goonsquadstl

    Connection problems.

  • InTech-BB

    Everyone is suffering from connection problem. So it’s not only you. Reason: this Siri connects to the developer server not Apple servers. Apple has invested heaps of money to handle the traffic load, but the developer is trying to maintain the server load. He confirmed that he will move the servers soon. So everyone can enjoy Siri without any connection issues. Kindly have some patience.

  • Nick

    I did it with an iPhone 4 running 4.3.3. Now I cant turn the phone back on. It is stuck on the Apple logo for about 20 muntes now. Any help?

  • Bladez

    Well Nick, the instructions were IOS 5.0 or 5.0.1, try put it back in the DFU mode and connect it to the tunes and restore but you will be upgraded to 5.0.1

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Alright I’m going to try the camera fix now. Before I start I would like to thank you for this great post, it’s really good to see someone care as much as we do, instead of just go like ‘ah, no camera -> flip this!!’ *delete*. I’ll let you know if it worked for me ^^

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Try using the camera fix mentioned in Update X4 on the bottom ^^

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Sorry for spamming this post, but I have to say one more thing.
    If you decide to install the camera fix, DO NOT DELETE THE SIRI PORT!
    Technically, what you are doing is replacing some files that came along when you installed siri. So if you uninstall it, you will damage your system and you’ll have to restore!

  • Jgmkoster

    is there any solution for the ‘Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network?

  • Colin Warburton

    works but siri cant connect to the network how do i fix this?

  • Shananay Largie

    works well on my 3gs, had a brief connection earlier for about 2 mins :) cant wait till this works 100%

  • Chris Bezuidenhout

    i am still having trouble with the camera fix. is there any one that can help me out? i have a mac so can’t use ifunbox to give it the permission it needs, can some one explain to me how to do this without ifunbox?

  • none

    I can’t login to download the dyld_shared_cache_armv7 fixed file. Any idea?

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Use (or create) a google account

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    I have one question for everyone that has successfully done this already. Does the little dictation mic show up on your keyboard at all? On mine it doesn’t but I was told that it should

  • none

    I have a Google account. But by the looks it needs to be a @intech-bb.comaccount :/.

  • Shananay Largie

    its not showing up on mine

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    I should give you an option to log in using another account somewhere =o Try going to this site on your iDevice and click the link, that’s what I did this morning and it gave me the option to login with my gmail account right away. After you did that you can just leave it and try it on your pc again, should work on there too then

  • InTechBB

    Please read our [Update X4] for camera fix

  • InTechBB
  • none

    Its all sorted now thanks guys. Was using the wrong password :/. lol.
    Having trouble getting it to work, it says within Cydia ‘Package removed do not ask why’. Has this been busted already :/.

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    That’s why you have to manually download it from Update X3 at the bottom of the post ^^ Most repo’s have removed it already because some of the files seem to be illegal

  • InTechBB

    Have some patience. Servers are busy, and the developers are moving the servers.

  • InTechBB

    The only solution is to have some patience. Servers are busy, and the developers are moving the servers.

  • none

    Well thats a bummer, can’t even see h1siri under the repo mentioned in fix number 3.

  • none

    never mind that last post, i misread. my fault.

  • none

    Im having trouble with the last part :/. Now find the H1Siri.deb file and tap to install. Once again tap installer to install the .deb file.

    I can click to install the .deb but where do I click to install again.

  • none

    its installed, finally. I think iForce/seri0ius was getting in the way. unistalled that and its good. apart from the connecting to the network error :/.

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    Since almost everyone has the little dictation mic on their keyboard I decided to reïnstall everything. Just uninstalled h1siri through cydia and so far so good – iPhone is still booting

  • Sagar Arora

    after installing and rebooting through redsnow i do not see the option toggle for siri in settings

  • Jonathan Hu

    anyone know what’s the trick behind this ? How does it work exactly ? Talking to a developer server and from there the dev server talks to the Apple server ?

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    No luck again.. Reinstalled anything but still no dictation button :(

  • Sagar Arora

    after installing and rebooting through redsnow i do not see the option toggle for siri in settings

  • Mexican American

    Anyone have an issue where the disappeared after following these instructions?

  • Shanelarge

    For me the app didn’t go but it lost its logo and became all white

  • Mexican American

    did the app still work?

  • Mexican American

    sorry I meant did the settings app still open up?


    after install can i dell the dbfile

  • Shanelarge

    Just a few question we all want to know
    1) does this connect directly to apples servers or a server with siri loaded on?
    2) can we get a eta on when it will work?
    3)why only iPhone 4 , I have tested this on my 3GS and iPhone 4 and both work perfectly

    Thanks :)

  • Olihawk

    The port went exactly as you guys said, but it dies not connect to the network. Any ideas when this is going to be fixed.

  • Hashimzaidi313

    Files won’t download any help?

  • Shanelarge

    Use the .deb cydia is overloaded

  • Ahmedt_007

    Two times reboot still not connecting with the network. Any help here !!!

  • Mexican American

    If anyone has an issue with the disappearing, re-jailbreaking fixed my issue. Just choose not to install Cydia again so it doesn’t overwrite your current settings

  • Paul Anthony Karas

    When trying to add camera patch, my iToch 4G bricks, and I have to reboot. Thoughts?

  • Paul Anthony Karas

    Also, after 3 reboots, Network connection doesn’t work.

  • Chance Reeves

    Try the links and instructions on this website.. Worked for me 1st try, no problems at all.
    http://www.gizmowebs . com/2011/2132/fix-camera-issue-caused-by-h1siri-mod-to-install-siri-on-iphone-4/

  • Troy Geier

    Do you have any link/info on the developers or where you’re getting this information? (Not doubting you just curious)

    It works great for me except can’t connect to servers, presumably due to this..

  • Olihawk

    Mine shows. Does the camera fix works?

  • Somchhir1

    do just as the write up says and it will work as far as siri being ported. to fix the camera download the file, open it on your computer, look for the armv7 file and wait. Now connect back to the phone SSH and remove the old armv7 file and replace with the new, then reboot and the camera will record. Only thing not woking for me at this time is connecting to the servers.

  • Troy Geier

    Doesn’t talk to the Apple server at all. I translated the CD-Dev team site (exited out of safari don’t have the links anymore) and they said they use their own server, so they can edit/change/make funny replies as well.

    Security risk? Sure is. Do I care, not really. I don’t use any important email stuff on my phone and they can read my text messages all I want. I don’t do anything financially on my phone so it’s not important to me.

    Servers are down though, i’m sure they’re getting hammered

  • Tiernan9nlr

    my iphone wont download all files HELP!

  • Olihawk

    Listen people, it’s easy, just follow the stePs one by one and you won’t have any trouble. My video camera is working and siri is ported. Also i have the mic button on my keyboard, the only thing is that siri is not connecting to the network. I hope they can fix this soon, i know they will. We haven’t come this far to fail. It’s so close!!! :-)

  • Butterwrapper

    Worked fine for me just waiting for connection to servers to work…man I hope it works eventually…I also have to get used to tethered jailbreak, what a pain in the ass!!

  • Edge

    They didn’t say it takes two reboots. It can take two, three, four, or even fifty.

  • Rico Porter

    I just used the camera fix and it works. follow the steps in update #4.
    download, then ssh, then goto Root/System/Library/Caches/ folder and copy that to desktop, click the download on your desktop then refresh your ssh, now drag the file on your desktop back in the folder, when don then reboot works great
    No need to delete nothing just copy to desktop and copy back.
    only issue i have with the siri port now is the size issue iphone says something about storage issue and the server not being ready which is not a problem im patiently waitn for the workaround.
    i dont mind a reset or two to test the devs projects hell its fun and very much a needed community.
    thanks guys


  • Davemcdonald29

    Did I read correctly that this version if Siri isn’t going to Apple servers but to a developers own servers?

    Does this pose any security issues with info Siri passes to the server or any information stored on your phone?

    Either way, everything seems to e installed and working for me barring an actual connection to a server, apple, developer or otherwise.

    Any news on the connection issues or timescales as to a fix?

  • Richard Oceguera-Torres

    Everything works except it says that there is no Internet connection. Anyone also having this issue?

  • Butterwrapper

    Are you retarded??

  • Butterwrapper

    Read posts below dipshit, everyone is having that problem

  • Bryan Ho

    As I installed this by using .deb file and the camera fix as well, if I want to uninstall/remove the Siri from my phone, how should I do?

  • Rakan Bowler

    Did rebooting help anyone get past the network issues ?

  • Bshsiw

    just installed, now to restarting to fix connection to damn apple server. hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jaimemonc

    where can we get some news on the ETA for the servers?

  • Ahmedt_007

    Still not conneting to the server.Should I disable Siri then reboot or while it’s enable I reboot ??

  • Raisand Vallipuram

    rebooting is totally useless. The servers are down,  how would a reboot of your device fix that? Keep in mind that you’re not connecting to Apple servers but to some cheap chinese server which can handle like 100 people using it, not one million.. All you can do after installing this is wait for it to work

  • Olihawk

    Exactly Morons!!!

  • Fzi426

    Wait.. 3GS is also included?I thought its only for iphone4 and itouch4

  • Menan

    go to General in the settings =)

  • Jaimemonc

    i read on the chinese site that this was supposed to be a small scale test and supposedly it’s not coming back so give up guys :(

  • Olihawk

    How can we unistall it without having to restore?

  • Olihawk

    How can inunistall it without having to
    Do a restore?

  • Davemcd29

    I’m wondering, having installed H1Siri, could it be possible to edit the files to actually make it talk to the Apple servers?

    There must be a .plist that could be edited? Maybe add a 4s udid and change some the Info where the server details are installed?

    Ideas, anyone?

  • Olihawk

    How can we unistall it without having to restore?

  • Stu Parker

    Any updates on whats going on with the servers?  I have followed all instructions with the exception of the ifile cause i cant rememebr where i uploaded the H1Siri.deb to.  I am not sure I even need that…

  • Surfer

    Hi There,

    I have installed the GUI, but it cannot connect to the server’s… I have rebooted 5 times already… anyone having the same issue?

  • Surfer

    You should be able to use the “dpkg”. try doing “dpkg -l” and see what the siri package was called and then use the “dpkg -r” to remove or “dpkg -p” to purge the package.

  • Surfer

    The package is called “” so you should be able to type in “dpkg -r” and this should remove the package.

  • jailbreaker1993

    It says it can’t connect. Anything I can do about it?

  • Anonymous

    i tryed this now my phone wont boot

  • Arox4u

    siri has been installed but it is not starting

  • Cheech

    iphone wont reboot, whats now?

  • Jooms

    Can’t turn off my iPhone. Please help