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Google Earth Reaches a New Milestone of a Billionth Hit

It seems like Google is churning out one milestone after another for one of its products or the other. Just recently, Google Earth reached a new milestone by getting one billionth download. Already the population explosion is happening with now the mark reaching 7 billion people, it also goes to show that more people are getting web access and are availing these services more than ever before. Also since it is Google Earth, having one billionth hit shows that a lot of the people around the world would like to serve their curiosity about the earth.

Well, Google Earth is just the thing to look for to know where is where. Google shared its happy news on its LatLong blog and said that the milestone was achieved by calculating access through desktops, mobile apps, and plug-ins. Google is really pleased with Google Earth’s performance that it has decided to make people more connected by launching its new website called On this site, users share how they have used the earth mapping software over years. Not necessarily reveal all the details that they would prefer not to reveal, but share their story of experience and discovery of Earth through Google Earth.

Already many interesting stories have been put up on the site which tells the tales of discoveries made possible through the software. Google Earth was launched in 2005 when Google acquired Keyhole and now it has extended its explorations to the Moon, Mars and the sky as well as the depths of the oceans. Google Earth’s Vice President of Engineering, Brian McClendon wrote that:

“When we founded Keyhole, Inc. back in 2001…we never imagined our geospatial technology would be used by people in so many unexpected ways.”