Amazon is Planning to Launch an E-Books Library Subscription Service

There is good news for all the book lovers from It has been reported by Wall Street Journal that Amazon is planning to launch an e-book library with collaboration from a couple of book publishers. The Amazon e-book library service will be subscription based of course.

Those who are familiar with this matter describe Amazon’s plan as “a Netflix Inc.-like service”, but for digital books. If this plan succeeds then it will give Amazon a huge increase in the number of Amazon Prime subscribers. Already in February this year, Amazon launched its video-streaming subscription service as part of Amazon Prime, which rivaled Netflix.

The customers would have to pay an annual fee to get an access to Amazon’s e-book library. The content from the e-book library can be downloaded on computers, smartphone devices and tablets. However, when exactly will this plan come into shape has not been mentioned as yet. In fact some of the publishers are not pleased about the plan at all. They think it can affect the value of books and hence impact negatively on other book sellers.

However, Amazon wants to start the service with older books in digitalized format. There will also be a number of free e-book downloads offers per month. To keep the publishers satisfied, Amazon is offering book publishers substantial fees to keep things on the good and going for their involvement in the project. The service will be offered in the U.S. only as expected, at least for the time being, after its launch.