EleGos ROM Updater For Android Devices, Update, Maintain Custom ROMs [DOWNLOAD]

Elegos, the Android hacker and developer has released the EleGos ROM Updater for Android devices that lets you to get free update and maintain custom ROM on your devices.


ROM Updater is a ad-free version which is based on repository that helps you to manage and maintain your mod versions, hence it also gives you the notifications when the new ROMs is available for the upgrades or any addition. ROM Updater released with the following features:

  • Full Recovery Control
  • Version Recognition for ROM Updates
  • Full Updates
  • Incremental Updates (Increment Creator tool available for developers)
  • Backups, And More.

Besides updating your system, it allows you to automatically perform some recovery actions, such as cache/data wipe and backup just clicking on a menu item.

Well, other than that you can also contact the developer, plus get all the detailed information about the EleGos ROM Updater at the developer’s official site (here).

You can download ROM Update from the Android Market for free or Scan the QR Code from your device.


[Via XDA]