Egypt Restored Internet Connectivity, Twitter / Facebook Still Unavailable


Finally, after a long time Internet connectivity in Egypt has getting restored partially, but Twitter and Facebook are still lacking and inaccessible due to tons of feeds since it was banned. So actually it’s both, good and bad news for the Egyptian people.

According to the WSJ reports that Internet connection has been restored in the country by the Egyptian authorities, where the country army saying to Egyptian protesters to go back to your home. Where an army spokesperson said on television, “You have the power to bring stability back to the country. We are urging you as respectful citizens to go back home”.

Well, overall it’s a good news to all the internet hardcore Egyptian users that finally they get connected again with us. However, the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook will get resolved by the time, it’s not the main issue now. In the end, Welcome back all the Egyptian world wide web users.

[Via Engadget]