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How to Convert and Watch Movies on Samsung Galaxy Tab

TheGrammerFreaks, XDA member has came up with the method on how to convert and watch films / movies on your Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch high-resolution display.

Galaxy Tab

Well, the developer keeps in mind both the things which everyone to look for and that is the file-size and quality of the print. People likes to store movies in a minimum storage ofcourse with the best quality, specially when they are on strip or traveling and have nothing to do much, so they mostly prefer to watch a movie or listen songs. Here may be the best way as by the developer.

From his saying:

Well, given that I normally watch films on a television, watching them on the Tab is only gonna happen when I’m on the move. So a >1GB video seems pointless, as on a screen that size you’ll barely notice the difference in quality. So I aimed to get a film in to ~500MB and to a quality that is still watchable. I went for 500MB as a target because a film that’s ~700MB on a 15.6″ laptop screen is perfectly watchable. On the Tab the screen is smaller, and the pixel density higher, so we can afford a smaller file size for a video of the same dimensions. I chose to upscale during the encode instead of during playback because the Tab does a really bad job of up scaling (horribly pixilated, especially in high contrast). I think that you could get a film to 400MB, but that’s too far for my taste.


  • a Movie file: You desire movie which you want to convert to your Galaxy Tab.
  • Download Handbrake (converting tool) from here.

Instructions on how to convert:

  • Load up handbrake, and select your source and destination files.
  • Ensure the preset is set to “Normal
  • On the “Picture” tab make sure “Anamorphic” is set to “None
  • Ensure “Keep aspect ratio” is ticked
  • Set the height of the output to the max it’ll allow (assuming you’re using an SD film. If not, set the width to 1024)
  • Switch to the “Video” tab
  • Ensure “Constant Quality” is used, and set the RF value to ~27. Larger numbers mean lower quality, and it’s a logarithmic scale.
  • Switch to the “Audio” tab
  • Change the mix down to stereo and the sampling rate to 48
  • Hit “Start

It will takes some time to convert your file depending on the length of the movie, ready for playback on your tab. When you play hit tap the screen, and tap the zoom setting button (top right) once. This will correct the aspect ratio.

If you having any difficulty on following the instruction or any other issue, please feel free to ask your queries at XDA forum thread.

[Via XDA]